> SM2 ZoneGuard Module

Controlling and tracking access to your yards and buildings has never been easier. Whether you operate a fleet yard, a private fueling site, a snow removal dump site, stock rooms or any other location where access must be restricted and monitored, ZoneGuard provides you with critical control and decision making information.

What can ZoneGuard do for you?

  • Automatically identify vehicles and employees as they enter or exit your facilities using contactless RFID tags
  • Restrict entries/exits based on access zones and schedules that you define
  • Automatically prevent mismatched tractor-trailer combinations from leaving a site
  • Eliminate equipment theft and vandalism
  • Provide inventory of equipment at each location, automatically updated in real-time
  • Automatically record and maintain an audit log of dump trips in snow removal applications

How does ZoneGuard work?

  • Each vehicle (or employee) is equipped with a rugged RFID tag or badge
  • A roadside (or wall mounted) tag reader is installed at the entry and exit points
  • As the vehicle (or employee) approaches the reader, it is detected and validated against the central database
  • If authorized the gate or door is released and the entry or exit event is logged
  • Unauthorized access attempts are also logged and time-stamped

What makes ZoneGuard different?

  • Wireless installation is economical, non-disruptive, and provides protective electrical isolation from outdoor equipment
  • Supports all electronic ID technologies, including all flavors of RFID, optical cards and magnetic cards
  • Will work with ID cards or tags that you’ve already deployed and presently use

Will work with ID cards or tags that you’ve already deployed and presently use

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