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Coencorp... clearly understood our needs. They offered innovative solutions and we are very happy with our choice.
Steve Myers
Red Rose Transit Authority

Tracking fuel inventories and critical fleet data has never been easier: simply fill up and drive away. FuelZone guarantees that fuel is dispensed only to authorized vehicles, while capturing accurate vehicle maintenance planning data in real time without human intervention. Error free vehicular data (such as engine hours) is captured transparently at fuel time, as your trucks and trailers drive around your yards, and once a day from all parked tractors and trailers. All data captured is stored in a central database. Preventive maintenance planning and performance reports are generated by SM2, a web-enabled tool designed for central management of multiple sites.

What can FuelZone do for you?

  • Eliminate fraud and errors by physically guaranteeing that fuel is dispensed to authorized vehicles only
  • Eliminate spillage by cutting off the flow of fuel whenever nozzle is removed from authorized vehicle
  • Satisfy environmental agencies regulations by automatically recording and reconciling fuel consumption to inventories
  • Reduce fuel consumption by cutting down vehicle idling
  • Improve reliability, increase equipment life, and reduce expensive down time through accurate preventive maintenance data
  • Enhance safety by immediate notification of storage tanks leaks
  • Optimize fuel tax recovery processes for stationary engines (such as refrigerated trailers) by automatically capturing error free engine data at least once a day
  • Increase efficiency by automating fuel distribution and inventory, vehicle data, and access control processes through a single, web-enabled software

Major Features

  • Truly plug-and-play Vehicle Data Units, requiring no programming or configuration
  • Maintenance free passive nozzle tags requiring no battery, no hose cable, and no messy pump retrofit
  • Wireless, economical, and non-disruptive installation providing protective electrical isolation from outdoor equipment (one of the many Coencorp Advantage features)
  • Automatic inventory management, transparently recording all data needed for fuel inventory reconciliation including storage tank levels, product deliveries and pump totalizers: no human action required!
  • Immediate notification of storage tank leaks and critical fuel levels
  • Centralized management of fuel distribution, fuel inventories, vehicle data, and site access control across multiple sites through a high end, flexible, and user friendly web application
  • Automatic capture of complete vehicular information:
    • Vehicle ID
    • Total mileage
    • Total engine hours
    • Trip mileage
    • Trip engine hours
    • Trip engine idling time
    • Engine fault codes
    • Your custom data
FuelZone, the only tool you need to account for every drop of fuel spent
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Vehicle Data Unit (VDU) The little black box that says a lot! FuelZone’s Vehicle Data Unit is truly plug-and-play: no programming or configuration required. Once installed, the VDU automatically relays vehicle data such as engine hours, mileage, idle time and engine fault codes. It also automatically identifies the vehicle, physically guaranteeing that fuel is dispensed to authorized vehicles only.
Nozzle Tags FuelZone’s nozzle tags are completely passive (requiring no wires or batteries), come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and fit on any standard nozzle. They are used to automatically identify the hose used for each fueling transaction, thus making sure that the authorized vehicles taking fuel from any given hose is compatible with the fluid dispensed.
Fuel Island Terminal (FIT) The FuelZone Fuel Island Terminal is simple and inexpensive to install. It allows personnel to identify themselves and vehicles using either an alpha numeric keypad, or an RFID device such as proximity cards and tags.
SiteController The FuelZone SiteController is the central component of each site. It manages the fuel island terminal, receives fueling and vehicule data, sends that data to the central database, and keeps itself up to date with FuelZone’s SM2 software; and it does all this in real time.
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