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Managing the maintenance of a fleet is an overwhelming and difficult task. Maintenance is all about having the correct information when you need it, otherwise, it is neglected, and sooner or later, you will have to deal with breakdowns, missed PM services, increased liability and risk, and lack of accountability. In short, you’ll spend more resources repairing your equipment than having them work for you.

Managing a fleet of vehicles is indeed an overwhelming task, but you’re not alone. SM2’s PM+ will not only work for you, but it will also be an essential tool to ensure your success.

What Can the PM+ Module Do For You?

  • Reduce ownership cost by reducing the number of repairs
  • Save money by reducing vehicle purchases through increased equipment lifespan
  • Increase your vehicles’ resale value with timely preventive maintenance recalls
  • Ensure regulatory compliance for vehicle maintenance with appropriate inspection plans
  • Boost your operation’s efficiency and productivity by reducing equipment downtime
  • Get a clear picture through high level views, while having the ability to drill down to individual work orders and vehicles within the same views
  • Minimize opportunity costs: let SM2 do the legwork for you with automatic maintenance related notifications, automatic emailing of recurring reports, and automatic tracking of maintenance plans, so you can spend valuable time on other, more strategic matters

Features of the PM+ Module

  • Preventive maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Automatic updates and tracking of PM programs
  • Work order management
  • Job definitions
  • Task definitions
  • Tracking of parts and labor costs for individual assets as well as entire departments and cost centers
  • PM recall notifications
  • Real-time status of PM plans
  • Warranty tracking
  • Configurable multi-level drilldown views
  • Smartphone app for remote data entry
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Heads up notifications by email and text messages
  • Parts inventory management
  • And much more!

Today, the maintenance recall option is the function that is most used in the system. It allows us to do runtime scheduling of work.
Dave Valcourt
Ottawa International Airport Authority

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