> SM2 Fuel Inventory Module

Proper fuel inventory management is an absolute must when it comes to minimizing quantities unaccounted for. SM2’s Inventory module makes the entire process easy and accurate, leaps and bounds beyond any manual method. Reconciliation reports, period closures, and fuel costing are a breeze, thanks to the sophisticated yet easy to use Inventory module.

What can the Fuel Inventory module do for you?

  • Satisfy environmental agencies regulations by automatically recording and reconciling fuel consumption to inventories and deliveries
  • Real time up to date centralized overview of all fuel inventories
  • Enhance safety by immediate notification of storage tanks leaks
  • Get a clear picture through high level views, while giving you the ability to drill down to individual transactions within the same views
  • Maximize control by using SM2’s highly advanced data grouping and filtering tools to create reports with pinpoint accuracy and precision
  • Increase your bottom line through reduced administrative labor by automatically transmitting recurring inventory reports to different recipients
  • Eliminate inventory error accumulation through period closures

Features of the Fuel Inventory module

  • Reconciliation of fuel quantities delivered vs. those distributed
  • Interface with your fuel tank gauging system to automatically register deliveries and generate automatic periodic inventory reports
  • Automatic real time recording of tank level gauging and fuel deliveries
  • Automatic email/SMS of critical fuel levels to recipients of your choice, such as procurement personnel and fuel suppliers
  • Fuel usage reports using dollar values of fuel
  • Customizable reports based on each user’s requirements and preferences, and saved to each user profile
  • Sub-views allowing for detailed drilldowns within a single view
  • Export of transaction screens and reports to excel spreadsheets or other formats such as text or pdf
  • Robust and secure central database
  • Highly advanced yet user friendly interface

Reconciliation reports, period closures, and fuel costing are a breeze, thanks to the sophisticated yet easy to use Inventory module

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