> SM2 Fuel Distribution Module

SM2’s Fuel Distribution Module enables you to centrally monitor and manage all fleet fueling operations at all sites from any workstation using only a web browser. Crucial tasks such as adding vehicles and users, modifying fueling privileges, and generating transaction reports are all accomplished through the web-enabled SM2’s Fuel Distribution module. Accessing critical fueling transaction data has never been easier.

What can the Fuel Distribution module do for you?

  • Increase efficiency by managing fleet fueling processes from any workstation, be it on site or otherwise
  • Get a clear picture through high level views, while giving you the ability to drill down to individual transactions within the same views
  • Maximize control by using SM2’s highly advanced data grouping and filtering tools to create reports with pinpoint accuracy and precision
  • Optimize accounting processes by assigning each user and each vehicle to corresponding departments and cost centers
  • Increase your bottom line through reduced administrative labor by automatically transmitting recurring consumption reports to different departments and cost centers

Features of the Fuel Distribution module

  • Real-time recording of fueling data such as personnel and vehicle ID, quantities taken, and date and time of each fueling transaction
  • Support any combination of identification methods, such as proximity cards and keytags, PIN, and magnetic cards
  • Customizable reports based on each user’s requirements and preferences, and saved to each user profile
  • Customizable views with aggregate functions (sum, average, count, etc.)
  • Sub-views allowing for detailed drilldowns within a single view
  • Export of transaction screens and reports to excel spreadsheets or other formats such as text or pdf
  • Performance analysis and quarantine of erroneous transactions
  • Robust and secure central database
  • Highly advanced yet user friendly interface

SM2’s Fuel Distribution module enables you to centrally monitor and manage all fleet fueling operations at all sites from any work station using only a web browser

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