> SM2 DataZone: Vehicular Data Capture

Picture this: Error free vehicular data is captured transparently as your vehicles drive by, and is automatically stored to a central database where SM2’s PM module generates preventive maintenance planning and performance reports. That’s what DataZone is about: vehicle data that updates itself. What a great value for such a small investment!

What can DataZone do for you?

  • Reduce maintenance related labor and overtime
  • Reduce fuel consumption by cutting down vehicle idling
  • Achieve accurate tracking of equipment cost
  • Reduce risks of accidents
  • Improve fleet performance and reduce down time through accurate preventive maintenance
  • Accurately plan preventive maintenance with SM2’s PM+ module or automatically transfer error free data to your existing preventive maintenance application
  • Have an accurate picture of field operations by staying up to date on vehicles’ positions relative to configurable geo-fences

What makes DataZone different?

  • The most economical vehicle data collection solution
  • Delivers all of the advantages of the SM2 platform
  • Extensively customizable
  • Wireless installation is economical and non- disruptive
  • Automatically captures and routes vehicular data to a central database: no human action required!
  • Plug-and-play Vehicle Data Unit installation

How does DataZone operate

DataZone diagram

Collecting accurate fleet data has never been easier:

  • Management of field vehicles/equipment is made easy through the GPS module and configurable geo-fences
  • Vehicles are detected as they enter the DataZone (within about 500 ft of the RF data collector)
  • Within 1 second, DataZone detects and captures:
    • Mileage
    • Engine hours
    • Trip mileage
    • Trip engine hours
    • Engine idling time
    • Engine fault codes
    • Additional data
  • Collected information is time stamped and saved to central database
DataZone: error free vehicle data capture for proper preventive maintenance.

That’s what DataZone is about: vehicle data that updates itself

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