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Fuel Management at its Best

POSTED on August 1st, 2016 by Reza Tavassoli

In my previous blog, I explained why it is a good idea to have a fuel management system to control your fuel distribution. In fact, “fuel management systems” were mentioned quite often, and I gave an overview of the benefits of a “good” system. Upon reading that piece, you are now convinced that you cannot go on without a fuel management system, and are eager to begin searching the right one for you! This is where I point you in the right direction by providing an overview of the FuelZone system, by Coencorp.

The Company

Coencorp has been in the fuel and fleet management business since 1991. Over the decades, it has built a long list of clients across a variety of industries, including public works, public transit, transportation, utilities, car dealerships, construction, mining, utilities, and others. The company keeps close relationships with its clients for two main reasons.

Fuel Management at its Best Firstly, and most obviously, happy clients are the number one way to ensure continued prosperity and growth. Regardless of the product itself, if customer relations are poor, there goes the business.

Secondly, Coencorp’s approach to product development is simple: if it is needed, it shall be made. Paying attention to what clients need is not only a way to keep them happy, but also the main source of inspiration for Coencorp’s R&D. This pragmatism ensures that users see a reflection of their needs in Coencorp’s systems, as opposed to outcomes of “pie in the sky” ideas.

The FuelZone System

The FuelZone system is a state of the art, modular, and user friendly system that has evolved over the decades to adapt to the fueling and maintenance related needs of fleet operations. FuelZone users can pick and choose from the following five modules:

1 - Fuel distribution management: to have absolute control over which users and vehicles get to use which pump(s) at which fueling site(s), and to get real-time data on fueling transactions.

2 - Fuel inventory management: to automatically generate fuel reconciliation reports, receive tank level alarms and notifications by email and/or SMS, and have a real-time, up to date, and centralized overview of all fuel inventories.

3 - Automatic vehicle data capture: firstly, to get error free engine data directly from the vehicle’s onboard computer as it drives by, which is a great way to make sure maintenance recalls are made in a timely manner; and secondly, to automatically ID the vehicles when fueling, thus eliminating the possibility of theft.

4 - Preventive maintenance management: to create vehicle maintenance plans based on parameters such as mileage, engine hours, and time periods; automatically send recall notifications, by email or SMS, when a vehicle is due for maintenance; and manage everything maintenance related, from tasks and work orders to parts and warranties.

5 - Access management: to control access to yards and buildings, and generate reports on the comings and goings of personnel and vehicles.

The system is managed through SM2, a sophisticated yet user friendly web application. It offers central management of any number of sites, users, and vehicles/equipment, which makes scaling the FuelZone system up or down a breeze. To accommodate the various levels of IT resources, SM2 can either be hosted in-house or on Coencorp’s servers. User feedback is used to bring continual improvements and tweaks through regular updates, so you are never left with rigid and out of date software.

Variety is the Spice of Life

A public transit organization’s needs are quite different from an automobile dealership’s, and the requirements of both are different from those of a small fleet of 20 vehicles. As operations vary from one industry to another, Coencorp offers different flavors of FuelZone. A public transit operation can rely on FuelZone Transit to ensure uninterrupted, automated 24/7 monitoring and control of fluids in its fueling lanes. Dealerships rest easy knowing that FuelZone Dealership distinguishes between inventory vehicles (which can only fuel only once) and other vehicles such as shuttles and authorized employee vehicles (which can fuel multiple times) by simply reading the VIN barcode on the vehicle. If you operate a small fleet and are on a tight budget, FuelZone Lite offers the basics at a very affordable price. Other industries, such as public works, construction, utilities, and mining operations can see the subtleties of their operations reflected in FuelZone’s rich set of features and solutions. Coencorp recognizes that the market is not homogeneous, and stands ready to meet your particular requirements.

The main goal of this overview is to whet your appetite for all the possibilities of Coencorp’s FuelZone system. Future blogs will focus on the different aspects of the system, notably the five modules we glanced at above. In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch to chat about how FuelZone can make life easier for you.

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Coencorp’s approach to product development is simple: if it is needed, it shall be made.

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