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Coencorp... clearly understood our needs. They offered innovative solutions and we are very happy with our choice.
Steve Myers
Red Rose Transit Authority

Having your own private fueling facilities is only the first step toward saving time and money. Without an efficient fuel management system to control and monitor your fuel tank(s) and pump(s), savings are lost to fraud, high cost of labor, fuel ticket mismanagement, and lack of control. FuelZone Dealership allows only authorized vehicles and personnel to take fuel; automatically and transparently keeps itself up to date with Reynolds, ADP, or any other vehicle inventory system; and keeps detailed real time data on all fueling transactions for reconciliation and reporting purposes. Real-time fueling transaction data and reports, and fuel inventory reconciliation are handled by SM2, FuelZone Dealership’s highly advanced and user friendly web application.

What can FuelZone Dealership do for you?

  • Reduce labor by automatically recording fueling transaction data in real time
  • Eliminate fraud by allowing only authorized personnel and vehicles to fuel
  • Eliminate IT maintenance by providing a secure, web-based software
  • Maximize efficiency by offering centralized fuel management accessible from anywhere

Major features

  • Direct scan of existing vehicle VIN labels for vehicle identification at the pump
  • Single fueling for inventory vehicles, and multiple fueling for demos, shuttles, and other standard company vehicles
  • Daily update of vehicle inventory from Reynolds, ADP, or other third party applications
  • A secure, efficient, and easy to use web application, accessible from anywhere
FuelZone, the only tool you need to account for every drop of fuel spent
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Barcode Scanner Never will you have to manually enter a long VIN. With FuelZone Dealership’s rugged barcode scanner, all you have to do to identify a vehicle is scan its VIN label. FuelZone will handle the rest, from unlocking the pump to recording, in real time, all the fueling transaction details.
ID Tools Variety is the spice of life! The FuelZone system supports a wide variety of methods to identify vehicles and personnel. You can use any combination of manual terminal input, proximity cards and tags, and magnetic cards to suit your particular needs.
Fuel Island Terminal (FIT) The FuelZone Fuel Island Terminal is simple and inexpensive to install. It allows personnel to identify themselves and vehicles using either an alpha numeric keypad, or an RFID device such as proximity cards and tags.
SiteController The FuelZone SiteController is the central component of each site. It manages the fuel island terminal, receives fueling and vehicule data, sends that data to the central database, and keeps itself up to date with FuelZone’s SM2 software; and it does all this in real time.
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