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About Coencorp
Coencorp is a leading innovator of automated fleet and fuel management solutions

Coencorp is a leading innovator of automated fleet and fuel management solutions. We design, develop, manufacture, market and support sophisticated hardware/software systems that deliver efficient management of fleets of 25 or more vehicles.

Next to payroll, maintenance and fuel are typically the largest expenses at vehicle-fleet operating organizations, providing untapped opportunities for substantial savings and productivity improvement. Coencorp solutions deliver these benefits through smart application of the most cost effective electronic and information technologies.

We are not just a supplier, but also a partner delivering the kind of responsive and flexible products and services that our clients need, while developing long-term relationships built on trust and integrity.

Coencorp solutions address issues in several critical, interrelated operational areas by providing:

  • Fully automated wireless capture of vehicular data and preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Unattended control, tracking and reconciliation of fuel and other fluid consumables
  • Yard and building access control
  • Employee attendance tracking
  • Extensive system customization
  • Maintenance and technical support services

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You can also call us toll-free at
1-866-COENCORP (1-866-263-6267) or email us at info@coencorp.com

COENCORP Consultant Corporation
T: (450) 672-4222   F: (450) 619-6323
Toll Free: 1-866-COENCORP (1-866-263-6267)
Email: info@coencorp.com
3705 Place de Java, Suite 190, Brossard (Quebec), Canada  J4Y 0E4

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